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Airway/ Breathing& Sleep Health


The most important physiologic function is breathing, delivering oxygen to every cell in the body. When breathing is compromised, through chronic allergies, nasal obstructions, swollen tonsils, respiratory or sleep disorders, serious affects Include Asthma, ADHD, TMD, memory loss, cardiac arrhythmia, insulin resistance and gastric reflux. When breathing through the nose is labored or impossible, mouth breathing can negatively affect gum health, bite alignment, tongue position during sleep, jaw fatigue, clenching, grinding and headaches. We pay very close attention to the quality of your breathing.


In recent years, much attention has been focused on sleep quality. Breathing related sleep disorders are associated with several very serious health risks including chronic fatigue, TMD-like symptoms, morning headaches, memory issues in all ages, ADHD-like symptoms, diabetes, obesity, heart and other organ dysfunction.



We pay very close attention to the quality of your sleep. Proper breathing and sleep are key to both oral and complete health.

Airway/ Breathing& Sleep Health
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