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Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of TMJ disorders. Forty million Americans who suffer from headaches may have been improperly diagnosed. “Migraines,” tension headaches, and sometimes even “sinus” headaches are diagnosed based on subjective symptoms reported by the patient, sometimes leading to incorrect diagnosis and treatment. 


Medical specialists may not be aware of the link between the bite and headaches. Most people with the condition were not aware of what a correct bite felt like because they always had a conflict between their teeth and jaw. We are trained to determine whether there is a link between headaches and the bite for individuals we see with headaches. We can treat these problems without medicine, by helping the bite fit better with various modalities including bite analysis, equilibration, night guards, and occlusal splint therapy.



Dr. James has devoted many hours of advanced dental training to the study and treatment of TMJ disorders at The Dawson Academy.  It is Dr. James' goal to achieve maximum improvement with comfort and normal function while using the least invasive and most conservative treatment possible.


For most patients, the ideal result can be achieved, while for others, considering the nature and stage of the illness, effective management may be the maximum goal.


For some, simple treatment designed to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation may be all that is needed. For others, more comprehensive diagnostics and dental restorations will be required.


For questions about headaches, bruxism, or TMJ, please use our contact us page to schedule an appointment.

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